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Kawasaki Pulsar 200

Kawasaki Pulsar - there's clearly no doubt that this is a handsome looking bike. Especially with the yellow paint job, the bike looks like Bumble Bee (from the Transformers films). The crouched stance, broad fuel tank and the high tail light add to the sporty look of the bike. It carries quite a few signature Pulsar styling elements with a whole lot of new ones and somehow it all fits very well together. What gets us bummed is the grim fact that this bike will get a ‘saree guard’ and a number plate smacked right on top of that beautiful headlight. Riding the Pulsar is a simple affair, and though the bike might have a sporty stance it does not expect same from the rider, it is more commuter friendly than it looks. The overall seating position is fairly upright, which should be good to manoeuvre the bike in city traffic. The seat height is also higher and coupled with the short wheelbase, it gives better agility to the bike.
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