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Vespa LX125


1 - 7 days 300.000 IDR / day
7 days 250.000 IDR / day
14 days 230.000 IDR / day
21 days 215.000 IDR / day
30 days 200.000 IDR / day


Free delivery (Canggu, Seminyak)
Free Helmets and rain coat
Delivery Rp. 100.000 (South, outside Canggu or Seminyak)
Security deposit 100$


The most recent Vespa LX, which maintains the iconic Vespa design, is now outfitted with a number of cutting-edge technological features, including USB ports, LED daytime running lights, and LED headlights. As a result, the Vespa LX is now a classic and timeless scooter that consistently keeps up with technological advancements.

A new instrument panel and various other visual touches, including new wheels, mirrors, a new front tie, a heat shield with a new modern design, and taillights with a new twist, have been added to the Vespa LX's design to give it a fresher and distinctive personality. The Vespa LX engine body's side also bears the new "LX" badge.

The seats, which are now flatter and sleeker with enough padding and size to ensure a pleasant ride for people with a somewhat taller posture, are another unique characteristic of the Vespa LX. Additionally, the new Vespa LX boasts a redesigned foot rest that enhances comfort and control for the driver and passengers.

The new Vespa LX's double swinging arm, which has two degrees of freedom, is particularly effective at reducing engine vibrations, making for a more pleasurable driving experience.


Days: 1
Total: 300.000 IDR
🇺🇸USD 19.67 🇪🇺EUR 18.64
🇦🇺AUD 29.21 🇷🇺RUB 1495.13
Pick helmets count
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