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Home Affairs Minister number 29 of 2022 concerning PPKM level 1 in the Java and Bali regions


According to the Instruction of the Home Affairs Minister number 29 of 2022 concerning PPKM level 1 in the Java and Bali regions, the handling of the pandemic is continuing to improve in Bali, with all districts now under PPKM level 1.

Made Rentin, the secretary of the Bali COVID-19 Task Force, reports that about 1,9 million persons have received their booster shots. This indicates that 64% of the 3 million individuals who are expected to receive a booster dose have already done so.

As a result, PPKM will be reduced to level 1 and reviewed in a month.

He stated in a written announcement on Tuesday, June 6, 2022, “The validity period of PPKM level 1 is from 7th June to 4th July.”

According to the regulations for Level 1 sites, community activities can run normally with a maximum capacity of 100% in a variety of industries, including restaurants, malls, theatres, houses of worship, and public spaces.

With severe health regulations in place, restaurants and cafés that open at night may continue to do so for a maximum of two hours. The Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry's and the Health Ministry's health regulations must be followed in order to carry out this provision.

Additionally, the general public is required to utilize the PeduliLindungi application to screen all visitors, and only those who fall inside the application's green category are permitted to access locations unless they are medically unable to receive a vaccination.

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