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Honda Vario 125

Honda Vario FI-125 model is equipped with ESP (Enhanced Smart Power) engine capacity of 125 cc. Main features are:
- Display Vario Techno 125 PGM-FI is now more futuristic with sharp colors and body a more muscular.
- Woodpecker valve roller-type, cylinder offset, radiator cores, cooling fans CVT to belt CVT is designed to combines performance, fuel economy and low emissions.
- Motorcycle luggage can accommodate loads up to 18 litres and can accommodate a helmet.
- Dimensions (H x L x H) - 1,921 x 683 x 1,096 mm
- Empty weight 109 kg.
- The capacity of the fuel tank 5,5 litre.
- Fuel consumption reached 59,5 km / litre (ECE R40 method).
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