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Honda Beat

Honda Beat scooter is a light weight stylish scooter. R&D of Honda has developed this 110cc scooter targeting specially the young age and stylish commuter users of Asian market. Therefore due to its modern and sporty design it is more appealing to the focus customers. Moreover light weight and automatic transmission feature ensures better controllability to the all type of users. So riding a Honda Beat is pleasant and completely effort free. Honda Beat Scooter is completely modern featured scooter. Here the wheels are equipped with all alloy rims. Both the tires are tubeless type. So no hassles of being sudden flatten on the road caused by puncture. Front wheel equipped with hydraulic disk brake and the rear one is drum type. Here most attractive part of this scooter is the CBS braking system though it is featured with only FI version. The CBS therefore the combine Braking System allows combined braking with both rear and front wheel when the rear brake lever applied. It is safer and also hassles free to operate and control the scooter.
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