Kawasaki Versys


3 - 7 days 400.000 IDR / day
7 days 360.000 IDR / day
14 days 320.000 IDR / day
21 days 280.000 IDR / day
30 days 200.000 IDR / day


2 helmets
Side box
Security deposit 1 mil IDR
Delivery: 100.000 IDR / bike
Pick up: 100.000 IDR / bike


Get a different experience explore around Bali with Kawasaki Versys 250. Our partner provides also a tour package with a tour guide (a road captain) to explore Bali, Java, Lombok, Sumbawa and etc.

Rental Conditions

  • International Driving License is required for foreigners and National Driving for Indonesian Citizen.
  • Rental agreement does not include any insurance. Ride carefully on ur own risk.
  • Rental rate are for 24 hours. The following day incase of extra hours, customer will be charge will be charge 100k / hours.
  • The renter will be fully responsible to any consequence caused by left of giving the motor to be ride by a person other than the renter.
  • If is not permitted to ride the motorbike to out side the island without approval of rental company.
  • Deposit 1 million / bike and will return if the motorbike already check list.
  • If any happen damage with motorbike, we already have price list of all part motorbike, and your deposit will charge to cover any damage.
  • Pick up and delivery will be charge 100K / motorbike.
  • The motorbike is rented in full tank of petrol and will returned in full tank of petrol also.
  • If the motorbike returned in not fully petrol, customer will be charged 50k/bar.


Days: 1
Total: 0 IDR
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Pick helmets count
Do you need a side box?
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