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Kawasaki Z900S


1 - 7 days 1.800.000 IDR / day
7 days 1.543.000 IDR / day
30 days 767.000 IDR / day


Helmets included
Full tank of gasoline
Phone Holder
Deposit from Rp. 1,000,000 - returned after the trip / rental ends
Pick Up & Drop Off: Kuta


The lightweight, four-cylinder road rockets that raced between cafe stops in the 1960s and 1970s are resurrected in Kawasaki's 2021 Z900 Cafe. The 948cc inline-four is anything from retro, producing a good 110 HP and 73 lb-ft of torque despite having a lowered seat height, sloped back clip ons, and an aerodynamic headlight cowling to tuck down behind. The Z900 is the ideal retro-style motorcycle in Kawasaki's portfolio for 2021. As usual, Kawasaki Motorcycles does not cut corners when it comes to the Z900RS Cafe's racer-like foundation. At idle, 36mm throttle bodies produce a purring grumble by gulping in air to blend with the gasoline from the injectors. When the throttle is turned on, a loud, throaty roar can be heard.


Days: 1
Total: 1.800.000 IDR
🇺🇸USD 121.13 🇪🇺EUR 121.56
🇦🇺AUD 175.04 🇷🇺RUB 6871.86
Pick helmets count
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