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Honda CBR 250RR Kubera


3 - 7 days 400.000 IDR / day
7 days 300.000 IDR / day
30 days 145.000 IDR / day


Delivery/Pickup: (Canggu - free of charge), other locations depend on a distance
Helmets included
Security deposit 100 USD


250cc, 2 cylinders. Horsepower: 39. Rubber: Super Sport Dunlop Sport Max Alpha 150 rear, 110 front. Silencer: Native, quite quiet. 3 driving modes: comfort, sport, sport +. One of the fastest and most aggressive bikes in our collection. Almost new. Excellent in cornering at speed. The most dynamic overclocking. Max. speed: 180km / h. 11k km. In perfect condition.


Days: 1
Total: 0 IDR
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